Students who are interested in getting a Xerox copy of the document should apply to the Principal, C.K.Hazarika College in plain paper .

1. Guwahait High Court Order (2015) - In PDF format
2. Dibrugarh University Notification
3. No-Objection Certification  (Govt. Of  Assam)
4. NCTE Recognition order (2001)
5. Affiliation /permission letter  from Dibrugarh University

6. High Court Verdict

7. Consent Affidavit for One Unit

8. Letter of Intent

9. Selected Staff As Per NCTE  Norms

10. Undertaking from the management


 Dibrugarh University Notification


No Objection Certificate


Stay Order from Hon'ble Guwahati High Court


NCTE Certification :                                   (Top)

 Dibrugarh University Certification                      (Top)